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If it is extremely hot on the outside of your dryer, your clothes are taking an abnormal amount of time to dry, you smell a burning smell, or the hood of your dryer vent won’t close properly, you might need to have your dryer vent cleaned. Lint accumulation in the dryer vent can promote the possibility of a fire. Did you know that dryers are the number one household fire to cause fires in many different types of structures annually? Lint trappers only catch about 40 percent of the lint that comes off of your clothing fibers. The other lint travels through your dryer and either blows out of your home or stays in the dryer vent.
Professional Air Duct Cleaning
The hot moist air from the dryer causes lint to cluster together and restrict air flow through the dryer vent causing exhaust gases to build up. One of two things can happen. Either your dryer can give out and malfunction or a fire could potentially ignite. It’s important to have your dryer vent checked at once every six months and your vents cleaned at least once every year. Sometimes we forget about things that we don't see, and dryer vents are usually hidden out of sight. In this case, we don't want to use the term out of sight out of mind. In order to receive some peace of mind, you should enlist the help of our cleaning specialists at Air Duct Cleaning Dickinson to do the job.
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Not only will you save your family from potential fire hazards but you will be able to save tons of money on your electric bill. A dryer cycle usually adds an additional .70 cents onto the statement. Think of how much money has been wasted by because your dryer isn’t working at its full potential and you have to dry clothes repeatedly. Our 24 hour operators are standing by to take your call. Our mission is to ensure you and your loved ones the safety and peace of mind they deserve. All dryer related questions are encouraged!